Townships in the County

The pioneer newspaper of the county was the Wabash Sentinel. Established in Hutsonville in 1852, this newspaper was independent in politics, and our fellow townsman, Hon. E. Callahan was its editor for a time.

Crawford County adopted township organization in 1868 and is divided into ten townships: Licking, Prairie, Hutsonville, Oblong, Robinson, LaMatte, Honey Creek, Montgomery, Martin and Southwest, making an aggregate area of about 452 square miles. With the Wabash as its eastern boarder, it is traversed by several tributary streams.

Its surface is generally rolling and was originally covered with timber, which has largely disappeared.

The southern portion is quite broken, and there are also belts of broken lands, to greater or lesser extent on all the streams. The principal water courses tributary to the Wabash and the Embarras. Running diagonally across the southwest corner are the North Fork traversing the western border from north to south. Big Creek is also in the western part; LaMatte, Hutson and Sugar Creek are in the eastern portion of the county. Because the soil varies, only a small portion of the land is prairie. Other portions of the county have a deep, sandy loam and are very productive. The upland prairies have a chocolate colored soil, and the timbered localities have a black soil.